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In Vladimir Makarov’s protection… It to me at all the relative and I not its lawyer
On the Internet repeatedly read materials on criminal case 42804. Has read business materials published on a site. Here endurances: (criminal case № 42804, volume 4):
22.01.2008 years in an office, where we are (каб.505 the Departments of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg) me have placed a foot in a vice and began to twist. To me threatened to put on a gas mask and to close the valve of passage of air, but it did not begin to do. Then me have clasped densely handcuffs on hands behind a back. Then one employee, in my opinion, a name Oleg, a dense constitution, has kicked with a foot me in a groin, and me have tumbled down on a floor. Then me have adhered to a chair, having made hands for chair legs. Then to hands have adhered feet any belt. Me began to lift often for clothes and dropped. When I lay on a floor, to me wished to break a middle finger on the right hand flat-nose pliers who exactly, I do not know, but I can identify. Then grateful indications have forced to write me. Before it I had a confrontation with Konyshev. I have written indications, being based on it. On a paper I wrote not, and the operative worker. From indications of Konysheva I have understood that murder has occurred on street Malysheva-Moscow. To me have shown a card of street Moscow and I began to show a place. The field investigator has shown me a site and has told about any reference point. I have shown on crossing of streets Gurzufsky and Moscow.
Question of inspector Makarov: whether «you Can confirm with something your indications?».
The answer: «Is not present, I can not. At me on thumbs of hands sensitivity was gone. Any visible physical injuries at me was not»…. Here still here http://www.vmakarov.ru/delo.php
I Have signed the reference to the President in Vladimir Makarov’s protection.
here… http://www.vmakarov.ru/signup.php
Unfortunately all materials in Russian… As the translator used http://www.translate.ru/Default.aspx/Text or here… http://www.translate.ru/Default.aspx/Site

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